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Windbreaker Military Tactical Jacket

Windbreaker Military Tactical Jacket

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Windbreaker Military Tactical Jacket

Better known as the Artillery jacket. This Windbreaker Military Tactical Jacket is designed to give you both, a sharp look and tactical graded resistance. Particularly useful for rainy and windy weather, Often used as a field jacket for Outdoor jobs. Preferred by engineers and mechanics for its light yet resistant material This is the Windbreaker jacket that will keep you warm, safe, and prepared anytime, anywhere. Often worn by those who know their way with tools, and work their way up with their own hands.


Thermal Coat for Hiking Camping, great for Hiking. This Military Tactical Windbreaker Jacket is meant for the Outdoor. Thermal Warm Waterproof coat with Lightweight design to make you excel Camping / Hiking Hunting/ Fishing. Tank riders rely on this field Jacket thanks to its lightweight design while being windproof and waterproof

Features of the Windbreaker Waterproof Tactical Trench Coat

      • Windbreaker
      • Water resistant
      • Season: Summer, Autumn, Winter
      • Closure Type: Zipper and Buttons
      • Material: Cotton, Polyester
      • Tested at (5º, USA, Montana)


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