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Rucksack Outdoor Backpack

Rucksack Outdoor Backpack

Обычная цена $49.00
Обычная цена $66.00 Цена со скидкой $49.00
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Sudden situations in the wilderness are unpredictable, so you need to be equipped with all kinds of daily necessities. This SearQing 50L 3 Way Tactical Military Backpack has a large space and multi-functions, enough to meet your outdoor needs.

The 50l backpack Molle webbing of the 50l hiking backpack allows you to add accessories to your pack making it able to carry more gear. The military backpack for men has plenty of room and can fit a week's worth of clothes, enough for you to store your favorite fishing gear, line, wallet, phone, keys, and any others you want to keep safe.

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